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About Us

Otherwise is a reading series founded in 2018 to promote great writing that might not receive the mainstream recognition it deserves.

We strive to bring attention to outsiders, outlaws, misfits, wanderers, and mavericks. Many of these voices are queer, brown, female, poor, angry—voices our society still doesn’t listen to or tolerate, and voices our literary canon still excludes.

We believe that beautiful, powerful writing can open people up to the experiences of other lives. We feature great books that give us hope and help us feel less alone.

Otherwise brings writers to Los Angeles to talk about their work, and compensates them for their time. We recognize that marginalized artists are especially vulnerable to financial barriers.

We want the writers we love to be able to continue to write, so we exist to provide both public awareness and material support.

In conjunction with each live reading event, Otherwise donates a $500 gift card to a local elementary school in need of books, redeemable at the hosting bookstore. This contribution supports both independent bookstores in our community, and young readers/future writers.